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Our Mission

Doris O. Wong Associates—Mission Statement

Doris O. Wong Associates is committed to providing quality court reporting services of the highest caliber to the legal community.

Our Goals

  1. To merit the finest local and national reputation for producing accurate and timely computer transcripts of proceedings in conjunction with the latest litigation support services available.
  2. To charge a fair and reasonable rate for transcripts and services.
  3. To uphold and adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics as prescribed by the National Court Reporters Association.
  4. To continue to be a leader in identifying, analyzing, and providing its clients any new state-of-the-art services to maximize the usefulness and efficient management of transcript testimony.

Learn About Court Reporting Through the Eyes of a Neuropsychologist

Court reporters will never be replaced by electronic recording, Dragon, or Siri. To understand why, read the following excerpt from a neuropsychologist.


Neuropsychologist: May I give an example of this?

Counsel: Sure.

Neuropsychologist: Okay. If you look—and the example is this: our brains are a miracle. Okay. They're a miracle that needs to be protected. And if you look at the court reporter right now, as an example, okay, this is a miracle in progress happening right before your eyes.

Let me just explain what she needs to do. I am speaking, so the information has to come in through her ear into her temporal lobe, and it has to go log itself into the language center. She has to be able to comprehend what I'm saying.

Then it has to get rerouted to the prefrontal cortex where it has to hold—she has to be able to hold the information, because, you know, I continuously talk so she has to hold it. Right?

Then she has to analyze it, integrate it, and synthesize it. Then it has to go back to the cerebellum and she has to be able to execute this, and she has to be able to then convert my words into those little squiggly marks. Have you ever seen court reporters have little squiggly language things?

So she has to convert it into a different language, and the white matter tracks allows her to reroute all of this information simultaneously without effort. Okay.

We take our brains for granted. She's sitting here. I'm probably talking too fast for her, but she's able to do this simultaneously. Seamlessly. Okay.

No animal on the planet can do this. All right. That's why I believe court reporters will never be replaced. Because no technical—no technology could replace the beauty of that brain and the miracle of that brain. And that's why your brain should always be protected and you should take care of it.