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Court Reporting

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Professional Court Reporting Agency

No matter how complex or technical your court case may be, Doris O Wong Associates, Inc. is here to help. As a top tier court reporting agency, we provide real-time and recorded court reporting services. Our expert team works to deliver accurate rough drafts and complete transcripts to you and your associates as efficiently as possible. We provide both local and remote support through the use of cloud technologies, and we offer both standard and premium recording services. Some of the services we offer include:

Standard Services:

  • Depositions, Hearings, & Arbitrations
  • Scanned/Searchable Exhibits in PDF, .tiff, .jpg, & OCR
  • Electronic Transcripts
  • Digitally Signed Transcripts
  • Encrypted Emails
  • Attachmore Secure File Transfer
  • Dropbox
  • Permanently Archived Transcripts & Exhibits
  • Case Transcript Manager—Witness Info at Your Fingertips
  • Tape Transcription by Certified Court Reporters, Not Transcriptionists
  • Three Complimentary Deposition Suites with Secure Wi-Fi
  • Video Conferencing Center Over IP & ISDN
  • Zoom / Webex

Premium Services:

  • Same-Day & Expedited Delivery
  • Interactive Realtime: iCVNet, CaseViewNet, Summation, LiveNote, & DepoSmart for MAC
  • Wireless Interactive Realtime
  • Interactive Realtime Over the Cloud
  • Uncertified Rough Drafts
  • Videotaped Depositions with Timestamping
  • Internet Text Streaming
  • Exhibit Linking
  • VideoSync with Text
  • Document Scanning, Linking, & Imaging
  • Interpreter Service
  • Hyperlink documents for Zoom
  • Scheduling of Certified Court Reporters Nationwide

Tips for Zoom Sessions

Download the latest version of Zoom.  Features include: higher encryption, password protection, and retained hyperlink in Chat.

Document handling is a big concern for counsel.  Provide Doris O. Wong Associates, Inc., with copies of documents to be presented during the deposition/hearing.  Preferred labeling would be using A-Z vs. 1-100.  We will hyperlink the documents for ease of sharing in Chat via Zoom. Only moving counsel and your certified court reporter will have access to these files prior to the scheduled meeting.

Laptop or computer with camera is preferred over an iPad or Smartphone for ease of document handling.  Smart devices are compatible with Zoom. One may also choose an audio connection only.

We highly recommend a Zoom test with all participants the day before to make sure the audio and video connections work.

Tips For Real-time and Recorded Sessions

When preparing for either a real-time or recorded reporting session, there are a few things to do to make the process go as smoothly as possible. For real-time sessions, we recommend always requesting our certified court reporters who have experience dealing with time-sensitive and vital testimony. We also suggest sending keywords ahead of time to help reduce interruptions and spelling corrections during the recording session.

For pre-recorded sessions, we suggest preparing all parties ahead of time that they will be recorded. We also recommend providing essential documents to all parties so that the recording can stay focused. This will make it a lot easier for our expert court reporting services to transcribe the information in your video.